hey guyz my name is afiqtariq, still learning, very ambitious person, like to discover new things, easily get bored with something, really love photographing and making friends, easily fall in love..haha and easily forget either..hoping to make friends as much as possible

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


hey there,well for all of your information, im a SPM 2008 leaver..the i was offered to further my studies in a local college JMC( Johor Matriculation Program) for 09/10 period..full of valuable and unforgettable experiences i had gain over the a year i had studied there..i really make wonderful friends,loving lectures who help me all the a way from home for the first time was a different atmosphere (although i had stayed 2 years in a boarding school when i was a high student)....leaving as a matriculation student was really tough and need a undivided determination..yet there will be always ppl like me find a really long time to adjust with the now waiting for the mohe result for the entrance to the local university although i have also planed to be asking for the private one..i really miss my friends so much and still contacting them in facebook mostly...some of them have been offered to further there studies abroad in indonasia and some are applying for teacher...i really wish them goodluck and hoping some day will meet again^_^

Our biology lecturer, Pn Rohayu

biology lecturer Pn Siti Fatimah, reall seriousm in class but u will suprise

how supporting she is.

chemistry lecturer, Mr Jihad

my first post!!!!

nothing to share much for now..collecting some fresh material for my blog..